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WordPress hosting allows certain web hosts the use of WordPress to enhance or even just create a website. WordPress is one of the most widely used website publishing platforms available. It is often associated with Joomla simply because the two are so similar in many aspects. Both are open source software packages that aid in the creation and management of websites. They both use the same languages for similar purposes. However, this is where the similarities end. WordPress has a much more focused feel to it, whereas Joomla! seems like it’s still deciding where it’s going.

WordPress was originally, and still is, focused primarily on the purpose of blogging. In fact, it started out as just a few lines of code that adjusted the text on a web page. Now, however, it is now an extremely popular CMS (content management system) on par with Joomla, in that sense. As a blogging platform, though, it is the top software by far.

Because WordPress is an example of open source software, there are thousands of developers, outside the core team, who work to improve it. The core team is responsible for releasing new versions of the software. Everyone else works on either fixing issues with the current version or creation applications and add-ons that add to the functionality and overall appeal of the software. And it is these individuals, although they get no monetary compensation for their time and work, who make projects like WordPress possible.

Some web hosting sites do not allow hosting for sites either made or enhanced with WordPress. Obviously, due to the phenomenal popularity of this software, the sites that do not provide for this are dwindling. However, even among the sites that do allow hosting for WordPress, some are decidedly better than others, whether it be due to the hosting itself or the support team it has on call.

By and large, it seems that Bluehost is the favorite for WordPress hosting. Not only is it incredibly popular with normal developers and corporations, the team that created WordPress praises its excellent features on their site. Bluehost has some of the best technical and customer support in the business with staff on call 24/7, both online and on the phone. They also provide an impressive number of features, including the allowance for just about any language one could want to include in a website. They also offer all of these features for one low monthly price, which can be lowered further by finding a BlueHost coupon, as opposed to the majority of web hosting sites that charge more for more features. And, it’s also one of the top hosting sites for Joomla!

Web hosting is essential. If there weren’t hosts, there would be no data on the internet. With the rising popularity of CMSs, especially WordPress, hosting that allows for this type of software is even more crucial for the continuance of the internet as we know it. Luckily, it doesn’t appear as if web hosting sites will cease to host WordPress-enhanced sites any time soon.

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