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How to Choose the Right WordPress Hosting Provider

Wanting to make your blog look more like a website with your own unique address in cyber space is easier than you may think. There are so many hosting services to choose from that it is difficult to know which to choose.

What type of provider do you need?

The thing to do is to ask yourself what exactly you need. There are a few different types of hosting services to choose from. If you are a beginner and simply wish to get a domain name, it may be best to start with a shared server. If you are a more advanced user you could get a VPS (virtual private server).

Free webhosting provides a basic service; however you will have a lot of advertising on your site. Most free webhosting services will provide all you need to start, including a domain name and basic hosting services.

Another option is shared webhosting. This is a basic hosting plan and you will share space with other users. If you do opt for shared hosting services you will have advance options and programming features available to you. This is a good option if you choose to learn more about advancing your webpages in the future. Programming features could include ASP, MySQL and PHP. It is a cheaper option as you share services with other users.

If you want a more advanced option you can opt for dedicated hosting. This will provide you with more bandwidth, more web space and can include more advanced options. Some may provide a user database and a choice of whether you wish to manage your own site or have it managed for you. It can be quite a complicated option however and not really recommended for a beginner, especially if you simply wish to have a domain name added to your blog

Once you have chosen your hosting service it is a good idea to check if your host is compatible with your WordPress blog. WordPress has a good amount of information on this in its WordPress help pages.

Additional things to look for in webhosting

It is a good idea to figure out how much web space you require and if you need any additional administration features such as an email account etc. How many files will you be sharing on your site? Answering this question will result in whether you need an FTP or not. Some hosting servers provide FTP software. FTP will allow you to share files between your computer and your site.

When choosing a hosting service consider how easy the administration control panel is to use. If you participate in online forums you can gauge what server is easier for you to handle. Reliability and speed are essential for any efficient web management. Check out reviews online to establish which hosting servers are better than others.

WordPress has a list of recommended hosting services on its site. WordPress recommended servers have been tried and tested by WordPress users and will be a good resource for you to choose which host to use.

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