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Choosing to change or add features to your existing WordPress blog is a great idea to make it look more individual and impressive.  Whether you are web savvy or just starting out, there are many features that you can choose from to help your site gain more traffic and look fantastic.

Some users get confused with what WordPress has to offer, as the website—although easy to use—is quite complex.  WordPress.org and WordPress.com provide different things.  WordPress.com is free open source software that allows users to have a blog with advanced options.  WordPress.com provides free blog hosting with advanced features that make a blog feel like a premium website.  WordPress.org is a form of online software that you can use to create a blog.  This software is designed to aid you with a variety of plugins and themes.

WordPress offers premium features and free features.  It also offers bloggers the option to add a webhosting service to their account, providing information that supports users in doing so.  WordPress Premium features are so handy that users may not need to require an independent hosting service.  It all depends on what the user requires to make a blog or website more professional or functional.

Types of WordPress Paid Features

Choosing a unique domain name is a great idea to drive more traffic to your site and make yourself better visible in internet search engines.  Adding extra storage will help a site run better and cope with large amounts of data.

Ad-free Blogging

You can opt for an ad-free account by paying a little more.  WordPress is a free site and gains its revenue from advertising.  However, as a user you can pay monthly and not have ads on your site.  If you do not wish to pay extra, you can also choose which type of ads you prefer free.

Premium Features

You can set your account to “unlimited private” user.  This in effect acts as your own personal website; however you have to pay about 20 dollars a year to maintain this.  This service is a good option for a successful blogger wishing to transform a blog into a more secure personal space.  Setting your account to private simply means that only people who have your address can view your blog.  However, you can still be viewed in an internet search engine or be found on the net.  Customized CCS upgrade will allow users to manipulate and change the pages of their theme; it does not cost a lot and is easy to do if you have time.

VIP Hosting Features with WordPress

WordPress offers extra features for V.I.P users and some features incorporate webhosting.  However, how one becomes a V.I.P is not clear.  There is an application button on the site to apply for V.I.P hosting, however in looking at WordPress clients it seems that the V.I.P status is for large companies or popular organizations.  Possibly if your blog receives a lot of traffic you could be seen as V.I.P.

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