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WordPress is a very complex hosting platform. It can be used by bloggers who simply wish to inhabit their own free blogging site; it can also be used as a platform for a more professional website. Advanced users enjoy the freedom and popularity of WordPress.

If you want an advanced-looking WordPress site, you have a wide array of options to choose from, including design and programming. Some pros will upload WordPress onto their PC manually and then go on to reshape their pages to desired functionality through different methods of programming. This may be too overwhelming for some users. They require a bit of time and practical tinkering, developing the kinds of skills that are needed to satisfy standards. When organizing your WordPress site, you will be given an option to work with a visual view or a HTML view. Knowing some web hosting or programming jargon will help you to get to a more advanced level.

Perl and PHP

PHP is a coding language that is encrypted into HTML code. It is effective for the server to manage script or coded net information. PHP has models that are built in to help FTP servers. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. This fancy piece of software needs to be downloaded onto your PC. From that point, it acts as an interim storage base or an intermediary between your PC and your website. This proves effective when you upload or download information from your site onto your computer. Most FTP servers are very easy to use, as they resemble the same file sorting as you are used to running on Windows platforms.

PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and LDAP are all libraries that are embedded into servers. These libraries store information and make programming and server uploading a much faster and smoother process. If you are paying for a site, you really should make sure you have all of these functions.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. Understanding SEO methods will allow you to increase the traffic coming into your site. You do not have to pay a premium for your site to appear in the big search engines. There are many SEO methods. How can you promote your site? It is good to understand your market and what interests your readers. Also, think of how to make your blog appear in the appropriate search engines.

You could read about how to effectively use SEO and how you can advance your website programming skills and website layout design to better promote your content. This normally requires at least some knowledge of programming. Register your domain name to enhance your visibility in the results of top search engines. This does not require a more advanced knowledge of programming; it is a simple procedure, but search engines may charge for the service. Placing coding in your webpages so that they appear in appropriate web searches is the first step to getting traffic to your pages. There are tutorials online and this does require programming knowledge.

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